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GIS Library Partnership

The Southeast Alaska GIS Library is founded on the recognition of shared regional geospatial requirements and the willingness to address those shared requirements through collaborative efforts. In order to foster continued participation, the Library has set out a number of goals for ongoing participation and collaboration which include the following:

  1. Providing a medium for contributor and user collaboration - helping to maximize GIS investment returns
  2. Promoting and facilitating interagency participation - demonstrating tangible benefits for Library partners
  3. Facilitating data contribution and stakeholder engagement - connecting people with shared GIS interests
  4. Promoting collaboration around inter-jurisdictional requirements - collaboration at local and federal levels
  5. Establishing long term funding support for the Library - providing a sustainable forum for ongoing collaborations

Please contact GIS staff at the Library if you or your organization is interested in sharing data, partnering with the Library or participating in these collaborative efforts.

Ad-hoc data contributions to the GIS Library are welcomed provided they meet certain criteria - e.g. they are publicly licensed, have associated metadata, are provided in a standardized format, etc.  We can assist you in preparing your data.  Please contact the GIS Manager to discuss. 

The Southeast Alaska GIS Library has initiated a work program with partnering agencies that facilitates shared stewardship of key regional datasets.  The collaborative stewardship model enables datasets which are hosted at and distributed from GIS Library to be directly edited/updated by multiple data stewards throughout the region. The benefits of collaborative data stewardship at the GIS Library include:

  • the ability to coordinate and utilize multiple editing efforts, across various agencies on a single centralized dataset
  • the ability to quickly distribute and communicate data updates, both publicly and/or inter-agency
  • reduced overhead for steward agencies by leveraging the centralized data hosting/administration capability at the GIS Library
  • increased communication and cooperation among participating agencies that have shared data requirements

This model for collaborative data stewardship at the GIS Library has already proven highly successful for the region's hydrographic datasets, as evidenced by the Southeast Alaska Hydrography Project.  Using the same type of collaborative model, the GIS Library would like to extend this work program to include other key regional datasets - e.g. roads, trails, wetlands, etc.

To get involved with the work program or to learn more about the Collaborative Stewardship model at the GIS Library, please contact the GIS Manager.